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Pianist, playwright, fanchild, art analyst, goofy, the child of a long line of artists, and ridiculously ambitious student.

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Sex is a lot like science class, you experiment, wear lab coats, Bill Nye is there.

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Anonymous: write me a poem


A lifetime’s worth of unanswered questions. You are anything, everything and nothing.

You won’t show your face, you won’t sound your voice. Like a heart beating with no body, you pulse. Making yourself known through a coat of darkness and secrecy. A figure without a form, you move. Asking of the world the one thing you would never give back. And keeping your distance as if you fear. Beating with no body, beating in silence, beating alone.

One step. One jump. That’s all it was, a split-second of bravado, confidence, thrill, fall. It was like the rock we would go to in the summer. An entire mornings excitement depended on that one fatal decision. One push. A years worth of worth and happiness hinged on a jump. Or a failure. A lifetime of regret and triumph came down to the last inch it took to get off the land and into the air. The fire coursing through veins would be drenched by the water below and all would be as one, united in utter joy and accomplishment. But, alas, came the fear, the frustration, the paralysis. Eyes glued to the drop, feet cemented down. The adrenaline doesn’t come to those who have nothing to lose. Disappointment is found in those unwilling to give up control. Those who thirst for the thrill but lack the necessary lustre.

Step, jump, fly, speak, I do, I quit, I love you.

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Anonymous: What's the hardest thing you do?

Going to bed at night.

Waking up in the morning.

I’m scared of my dreams and I’m scared of my dreams.

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"dress like the art you want to make"
- Or not, if I did that, I would be a bunch of broken words or a song on repeat and no one would love me then.

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